As an initiative to welcome and encourage participation by our newer members, the NWDG is pleased to announce the NWDG New Members' Prize.  NWDG will offer one prize each year, for the best contribution to the newsletter by a new member.  The prize is to have the fee element paid by NWDG for one NWDG event, such as excursion, workshop or history conference, valid for uptake for 2 years after the award.


We are seeking entries on any topic which in some way relate to the objectives of NWDG: that is to encourage interest in native woodlands, their ecology, management and history. This may be interpreted quite broadly, and subjects do not have to be British or scientific, though they may be.


A new member is someone who has joined NWDG within the last 3 years.


The maximum word limit is 1500, with up to 6 photos or illustrations, though we welcome shorter contributions.


The deadline for entries  is 5th November in any year, and the winner will be contacted in December of that year.

Entries should follow the usual Newsletter ‘Notes for Contributors’. They should be word-processed in MS Word or equivalent and submitted by email to Prize Co-ordinator, Ben Averis before the closing date. Entrants are deemed to have accepted the full terms and conditions which appear below.

The winning entry will be published in the NWDG Spring Newsletter following the award of the prize. The decision of the judges shall be final.  Some runner-up articles may also be published, with the permission of the author, and space permitting.  So if you have joined NWDG in recent years, and would like to inform the membership of your interests and have the chance to win having your fees paid for an NWDG event, then please consider submitting an article for the New Members' Prize competition.



Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Any entrants are automatically considered to have accepted these terms and conditions.



As announced at the NWDG AGM in April 2010, NWDG will offer one prize each year, for the best contribution to the newsletter by a ‘new member’ (as defined below). The Prize is seen as a mechanism for encouraging more contributions to the newsletter and more participation by new members, giving them the opportunity to inform the membership of their interests.



A new member will normally be defined as someone who has joined NWDG within the last 3 years.


Only fully-paid up NWDG  members who meet the other eligibility criteria will be eligible to have their entries considered for the prize. Lapsed ‘new members’ who are not fully paid up, or who have since left NWDG, will not be eligible.


Anyone who transferred membership from SWHDG will be considered as a new member from the date of starting their NWDG membership, irrespective of how long they were previously in SWHDG.


‘New Members Prize Judging Panel’ members and NWDG committee members will not be eligible to enter the competition.


The Prize

The prize will be to have the fees  paid on any one NWDG event whether a NWDG workshop, the NWDG excursion or the NWDG history conference (all subject to availability and booking in the normal way). The prize is the re-imbursement by NWDG of the Fees only for one such event for the winner. The prize does not include other expenses such as travel, accommodation or subsistence.  The Prize must be taken up at an event within 2 years of the award (subject to availability; the individual is responsible for making their booking in the usual way). Normally the NWDG treasurer will reimburse the winner for the Fees element of one qualifying NWDG event, after the winner has booked and paid for the chosen event in the normal way including the Fees element. This will require submission to the NWDG treasurer of (1) a receipt showing the Fees element and (2) the NWDG New Member’s Prize Token - which the winner will receive shortly after being notified of their win.




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